• Bartosz Dajnowski

Objects conservator Bartosz Dajnowski has an MS from the Winterthur/University of Delaware Masters Program in Art Conservation. He studied art, culture, and conservation at the Jagiellonian University in Poland, Studio Art Centers International in Florence, the Loyola Rome Center in Rome, and has a BA in Art History and Economics from Northwestern University. Bartosz has been immersed in conservation his entire life and has been using, researching, servicing, and repairing a variety of lasers in art and architecture conservation for over 15 years. Bartosz studied laser applications, programming and engineering at the Military University of Technology – Institute of Optoelectronics in Warsaw, Poland. Bartosz is Vice Director of his family art conservation business, The Conservation of Sculpture & Objects Studio, Inc., which is a world leader in the application of laser technology for cutting edge conservation treatments. Bartosz invented the patented GC-1 Laser cleaning system specifically for cleaning works of art and cultural heritage. He is also the co-founder and President of G.C. Laser Systems Inc., a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing laser systems for art conservation. Bartosz regularly publishes laser research papers in academic journals and teaches laser cleaning workshops and provides hands on training at a variety of cultural and private institutions worldwide.