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    Dr Tom Gerald Daly

Tom is an academic and consultant in the area of democracy-building, public law, and human rights, and is on a mission to bring democracy defenders together and to help them in their work. He designed the Democratic Decay Resource (DEM-DEC), which had a ‘virtual launch’ in June 2018, to provide an information hub and platform for collaboration or democracy defenders.

He is Associate Director of the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law (ECCL), MLS Fellow at Melbourne Law School, and Co-Convenor of the Constitution Transformation Network (Melbourne Law School). As a consultant he has worked on European Union, Council of Europe, African Union, International IDEA and Irish government projects.

His current book project concerns the role of public law in countering 'democratic decay' worldwide. He has written on democratic decay as a columnist for the I-CONnect blog and tweets @DemocracyTalk. Recent publications include The Alchemists: Questioning Our Faith in Courts as Democracy-Builders (Cambridge University Press, 2017) and a chapter on ‘Democratic Decay in 2016’ in International IDEA’s policy publication, the Annual Review of Constitution-Building.