Does the European Union Have a Future?

Free Public Lecture

Does the European Union Have a Future?

Europe has been buffeted by a succession of crises in recent years, notably the crisis of the euro, the refugee crisis, the decision of the UK to leave and more recently the arrival in the White House of a new US President who sides with those militating for disintegration on the European continent.

What has gone wrong with the European project, a revolutionary political experiment that was meant to deliver (and in fact did deliver for many years) peace, democracy, open borders and constantly rising living standards through the gradual sharing of sovereignty? What are the main challenges facing Europe and the European project and what if anything can be done to relaunch the project? What would be the consequences of failure for Europe and beyond in times when globalisation and the liberal global economic order can no longer be taken for granted?

Professor Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, will chair and moderate this seminar, with opportunity for audience Q&A.

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