New Moon Concert Series #5 – Curated by Romy Hernandez


New Moon Concert Series #5 – Curated by Romy Hernandez

Lionel's Bar
Grant Street Theatre


Grant Street, South Melbourne

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

Melbourne-based band El Numero Perfecto (The Perfect Number), featuring pianist Romy Hernandez, bassist Emiliano Beltzer and drummer Jethro Negron, is a jazz piano trio with a profound Afro-Latin influence. The trio focuses on the study of Afro-Cuban and Argentinean music traditions, creating a solid platform where improvisation and musical dialogues are essential. All members come from a Latin American background, a factor that has made the band's creative process flow from the very first jam.

The idea of El Numero Perfecto started in 2014 as a result of playing music alongside one another in various Melbourne based Latin bands.The shared passion for groove based music and the acquired knowledge from their different musical upbringings made the songwriting process an effortless collaborative experience. Through continuous research and experimentation the trio develops and brings forward its own sound; the inclusion of guest musicians in some of their performances comes from that same desire to explore new territories. Since their debut performance at Paris Cat jazz club, they have had a healthy track record of performances in Melbourne's most popular jazz venues, such as Bennett's Lane and Uptown Jazz Cafe.

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