Schmelzer's Sonatae Unarum Fidium


Schmelzer's Sonatae Unarum Fidium

Melba Hall


Royal Parade

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

Johann Heinrich Schmelzer’s Sonatae Unarum Fidium, for violin and continuo, were published in Nuremberg in 1664, and are among the earliest collections of works in this genre from the German-speaking lands. These poetic sonatas explore diverse compositional and performance techniques, including variation sections and virtuosic passages in the stylus phantasticus (fantastic style). David Irving presents a performance of all six sonatas, using a newly-made short bow based on seventeenth-century designs, a violin strung in equal tension, and a large continuo section of harpsichord, organ, viol and plucked strings, allowing for a diverse palette of tone colours.

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