Piazzolla Goes Berlin


Piazzolla Goes Berlin

Melba Hall


Royal Parade

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

Esther Schöpf and Norbert Groh are renowned for their diversity and liveliness - their broad repertoire spanning nearly all musical genres from classical concerts to so-called 'easy-listening' music. Besides their own performances, they regularly work together on numerous projects with theatres, film-makers, performance artists and also compose music for radio plays.

For this performance, Esther Schöpf and Norbert Groh perform a program of fascinating encounters between Astor Piazzolla´s Tangos and nostalgic highlights of Berlin's Golden 20s.

The program includes: Eduard Mahály – Original Puzta Fox, Astor Piazzolla – Milonga sin palabras, Josef Rixner – Blauer Himmel, Astor Piazzolla – Milonga del Angel, Josef Rixner – Spanischer Marsch, Enrico Toselli – Serenata, Astor Piazzolla – Jeanne y Paul, Ludwig Schmidseder – Komm' doch in meine Arme, Astor Piazzolla – Oblivion, Eric Plassow – Roter Teufel,

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