Wind Festival - Historical Instruments Concert


Wind Festival - Historical Instruments Concert

Hanson Dyer Hall
The Ian Potter Southbank Centre


43 Sturt Street

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Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

This performance features the following pieces:

Biagio Marini (1587-1663) Sonata IX for two Fagotti

Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde (c1595-unknown) Fantasia X for Fagotto solo

Philipp Friedrich Buchner (1614-1669) Sonata IX for 2 Fagotti from Plectrum Musicum (1662)

Giovanni Antonio Bertoli (1598-after 1645) Sonata VII for Fagotto solo

Daniel Speer (1636-1707) Sonata II for two Fagotti in C major

Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde Canzon XXIII a doi Bassi

CPE Bach (1714-1788) Sonata g minor for oboe and basso continuo

JS Bach (1685-1750) Organ Trio Sonata no.5 C major

Ferdinand Ries (1784-1838) Grand Sonata Op.34 for Pianoforte and Horn

This performance features:

Lyndon Watts, baroque bassoon and bass dulcian Brock Imison, bass dulcian Emma Black, baroque oboe Carla Blackwood, classical horn Erin Helyard, organ, harpsichord and pianoforte

The Performance Bar on Level 3 in the foyer of the Hanson Dyer Hall will be open 1 hour prior to the performance time and during intermission. A selection of beer, wine, sparkling, non-alcoholic beverages and snacks will be available for purchase.

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