Native Animal Surprises: Lessons from the Field

Free Public Lecture

Native Animal Surprises: Lessons from the Field

Glyn Davis Theatre (Formerly Basement Theatre, B117)
Glyn Davis Building (Melbourne School of Design)

Parkville campus

Masson Road

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T: (03) 8344 7705

Many of our native animal species are at risk. Their conservation often relies on intimate knowledge of their behaviour and ecology – knowledge that can only be gleaned from dedicated fieldwork over many years. Long-term research in the field is critical to discover true levels of biodiversity, understand populations and inform on-the-ground conservation efforts. It can also be fun.

In this session, we will present four fascinating stories showcasing how dedicated fieldwork across Australia has discovered hidden species and led to new insights about the lives of native animals.

A networking reception will follow the seminar at 7.30pm.

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