An Introduction to Laser Cleaning and Practical Conservation Applications

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An Introduction to Laser Cleaning and Practical Conservation Applications

Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation, Laboratory Room 101
Thomas Cherry

Parkville campus

Swanston Street

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T: (03) 8344 1521

This presentation is an introduction to laser cleaning for conservation and cultural heritage applications. The presentation will introduce the science of what happens during laser cleaning treatments when laser pulses interact with different materials, important safety protocols and the general benefits and logistics of using environmentally friendly laser cleaning as an alternative to chemical, abrasive or mechanical methods. Treatments where lasers were used in combination with traditional conservation methods will also be discussed, as well as examples of successful applications and the limitations of laser technology.

Real-world examples of successful laser cleaning projects ranging from small museum artifacts to large metal monuments and architectural structures will be presented. Some of the conservation projects that will be shown include a 3500-year-old Egyptian Obelisk, pre-historic pictograph rock art, 12th century French limestone corbels, historic bronze monuments, the US Supreme Court marble façade, and various large-scale architectural treatments.

Following the presentation we will present a live demonstration of laser cleaning in a conservation lab. Participants are welcome to bring their own samples for laser cleaning tests.

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